2018 Wednesday Durham Collaborative CSA

2018 Durham Collaborative CSA

Three farms collaborate to bring you a variety of excellent local food.

In 2018, Harland's Creek Farm is joining with Fickle Creek Farm, and Chapel Hill Creamery to bring you a CSA packed with organic and locally grown produce, eggs from free range hens, and cheese, meat and poultry that are humanely grown. 

We are famous for our CSA Cookbook and Meal Plans, which contains over 65 pages of recipes and information on cleaning, storage, and cooking. We update the cookbook each year. Ten years ago we had no recipes for smoothies; now we do. We include recipes for greens, herbs, vegetables, meats, eggs, and cheese. There are special sections on efficient cooking strategies and cooking for children. In our weekly meal plans, we recommend recipes based on the share contents. We even include a shopping list of additional ingredients that are not in the box. This saves our customers lots of time! You can visit our web site to see the table of contents and an example meal plan at LINK TO COOK BOOK TOC; LINK TO EXAMPLE MEAL PLANS Pick-ups are at the Durham Farmers’ Market so you get to know us, and we get to know you. We send you blog posts and you can visit the participating farms by pre-arrangement to help, to learn, and to enjoy.   

We offer a Spring/Summer season and a Fall season. ALL COSTS ARE PRORATED FOR LATE ENROLLMENT. 

Spring/Summer Produce/Herbs : 26 weeks with pickups at the Wednesday, Durham Farmers" Market (April 18-October 10, 2018). Two box sizes:   Costs are  prorated for missed weeks

  1. Spring/Summer Standard Box: 26 weeks of produce/herbs @$22/week for a total cost of $612. The total includes the box charge, cookbook, and meal plans. 
  2. Spring/Summer Small Produce/Herb Box:  26 weeks of produce/herbs @$16/week for a total cost of $456. The total includes the box charge, cookbook, and meal plans.

Fall Season Produce and Herbs: 9 weeks with pickups at the Saturday, Durham Farmers’ Market (October 20, 2018 through Saturday December 2, 2018) with no delivery on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

3.  Fall Produce/Herb Box: 9 weeks of produce/herbs for a total cost of $184. This includes an extra-large share the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Standard Produce Box for the 4 weeks before Thanksgiving and a Small Produce Box  for the last 4 weeks. This is because supplies drop off dramatically when it gets cold. There will be a $30 cookbook and box charge for those not enrolled in the Wednesday Season. 

For more details on what to expect in the boxes, see LIST OF CONTENT FOR HCF CSAs. Small shares have either fewer items or smaller amounts of the same items.

Produce subscribers can also enroll for meat, cheese, or eggs under the following plans:

Spring/Summer Meat and Chicken: Fickle Creek Farm will provide various cuts of 100% grass fed beef, pasture/woodlot raised pork and organic fed/ pasture raised chicken. Lamb and mutton can be swapped for meat at market if it is available. Common cuts include: pork chops, pork roasts, various sausages, bacon, ground beef, steaks, whole chicken and various chicken cuts.   Most weeks you will receive fresh never frozen meat. This can allow for quick meal preparation that evening. Some easy to thaw items such as chicken breast, beef Kielbasa, sliced ham, corned beef, and Italian sausage will be included in CSA as well.  $25/Week. For a total of $650.

Fall Meat and Chicken: Poultry/Meat: As described above but for only 9 weeks. Total cost $225. 

Spring/Summer Eggs and Cheese: These items alternate over the 26 weeks. One week you will receive a dozen eggs from Fickle Creek Farm free range chickens; the next week a piece of artisan cheese made by Chapel Hill Creamery.  Eggs are $6.00/week and Cheese is $9.00/week for a total of $195. You can also sign-up for only eggs or only cheese. Prices and options are on the enrollment form.

 Fall Eggs and Cheese: As described above but only for 9 weeks. 5 weeks of cheese and 4 weeks of eggs for $69. 

There is a Vacation Option as well that allows for make-up of missed boxes. There is no charge for this option; however, it requires email notification one week prior to missing the box.

Payment is due at enrollment. You can pay by check, bank draft (Dwolla), or PayPal with a single check or with two checks one of which is post  dated a month later than the first. You can ENROLL ONLINE or  you can complete and mail the 2018 Durham CSA PAPER ENROLLMENT FORM 

[1]. Most people give their missed boxes to a relative or friend.  We can also donate your box to the Siler City Hispanic Liaison if you wish.  This is our default option if we never hear from you. 

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HCF Partners

Judy started HCF.  She develops meal plans for the CSAs, maintains our web-site, and writes our blog. You can meet her most weeks at the Durham Farmers Market on Wednesday and Saturday.

Erasmo worked part time on the farm for years, He became a partners in 2016 and lives in Siler City. You can meet him at the Saturday Durham Farmers' market on alternate Saturdays.  He is active in all aspects of the farm, is our main tractor guy, and is transitioning into doing the book-keeping.

Rene with children posing in front or his house

Rene has been full time on the farm since 2012.  He works on all aspects of the farm, receives and delivers restaurant orders, and does most of the deliveries. This is Rene with two of his children in front of his house.

We are a great team.

Where to buy our organic food

You can get our food by:

Visiting one of these local restaurants:

Pittsboro restaurants that have local food we love are: